The least we can do

I am trying to understand the point of view you are expressing. However, my understanding is that these people don’t want to stay in Hungary, they just want to pass through, so why not ease that passage, why close the border, block the route, why the xenophobia about Islam threatening Christianity. Why the declaration of a state of emergency, giving the definitely “dodgy” Government virtually limitless powers over it’s own population. Sorry Mary, I hear what you are saying , or read what you are writing, but the actions taken overnight on September 15 th., ostensibly in response to the Migration issue, are more likely a God sent opportunity for the Orban Regime to assume an unassailable position, that may well see their exit from the European Union, and into a closer alliance with President Putin’s Russia. I wonder how the Hungarian People would react to that possibility, or how many remember Russian Tanks rolling into Budapest in 1956, when 200,00 Hungarians fled into Austria. I suspect that the poverty of those years under communist domination, are reflected in the economic state of the country today, the poor quality housing, poor quality health care, and the anti Semitism, that hangs on from both the Communist, and Nazi era’s. Hungary’s 20th and so far 21st century history does not make pretty reading.
Yes, resoundingly yes, there are wonderful people who have given, shared, and cared for immigrants on their passage through the country; the new laws are going to make such humanitarian acts, difficult and those who would offer such care will be placing themselves at great risk, from heavy handed retribution by the Police and Military. acting at the behest of the Government. That the Hungarian Catholic Church hierarchy has absolved itself from taken even the most basic humanitarian actions, not even stepping up to “mildly ” chide the Government that it’s actions are not in line with basic Christian beliefs, is indefensibly. These people have no right to their positions as leaders, guides, mentors and comforters; they are as bad and damaging in their own way, as the paedophile revelations that have rocked the Church over recent years. Utterly, utterly shameful.

Unpacking my 'bottom drawer' in Budapest

Hungary has made the news in Ireland. When I was there last week it seemed like all anyone was talking about was the migration situation. Pictures of Keleti train station. Pictures of Szeged. Pictures of the fence. Pictures of families sitting, waiting for an uncertain future.

The one overriding question asked of me was “Is it as bad as they say?” And the only answer to that is no. It’s worse. And then they asked why Hungary (and by implication, Hungarians) wasn’t doing more. People in Germany were offering up their homes on AirBnb. Austrians were driving to the border and beyond to pick up families and take them home. Angela Merkel was offering to take in hundreds of thousands. Ireland might only be taking 4000 (to our shame, some say) but Hungary doesn’t appear to want any at all.

I had neither the political nor the sociology background to…

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